Tamera Says Getting A Prenup Is A ‘Smart’ Decision

Tamera Mowry-Housely Says Getting A Prenup Is A ‘Smart’ Decision and I agree that a Prenup is a smart choice.  It isn’t about being romantic or about “trusting” the other that the marriage will work out forever.  It is about being smart, being informed, and understanding how you each feel about money and property that you may or may not be bringing into the marriage. I agree with “Tamar” that a Prenup is a way to ensure that you are not marrying your intended for their money and they are not marrying you for your money.

I also learned the hard way about the reality of people “getting crazy” when going through a divorce.  I was married more than 10 years ago and I felt that I was in love and it would last forever.  Unfortunately, our marriage quickly dissolved and then as “bad” as my marriage was, the divorce was 10 times worse.  I only wish I had a Prenup because he and I would have decided everything already. Instead, we wound up spending many months fighting over everything and paying lawyers tens of thousands of dollars. Whereas, if we simply signed a Prenup, it would have cost only a fraction of that.  Besides, maybe our marriage would have worked out had we had those important conversations before we tied the knot.

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