Statistics show that 50% of first marriages end in divorce.  Do you want to beat the odds and be prepared so that your marriage will have a better chance at success?  Have you been married before and want to make sure not to make the same mistakes?

Most marriages fail over issues concerning money and finances.  That is why discussing money and finances before tying the knot is very important, some may say, even crucial.  But it’s not just discussing money, there are other things you can do to prepare for marriage.  This is your marriage, your life and your future.

Statistics show that preparation before marriage DECREASES the odds of divorce.

Most couples who become engaged focus all of their time and attention on planning for the wedding day – photographers, musicians, the wedding hall, the dress!  However, what about planning for the days and years that follow?

We will help you and your loved one plan for the marriage and life that you want.  You make the decisions and the rules – together.  You can INCREASE the chances that your marriage will be lasting by discussing and negotiating the important issues now, before your nuptials.

Some religious institutions require couples contemplating marriage to enroll in a certain number of hours of “classes” which they attend with other similarly situated couples.

Where such classes are unavailable or unavailable in a non-group setting, we come in and work with you privately.

While we’re on the subject of preparing for marriage, we will also discuss whether a prenuptial agreement, prenup or domestic partnership agreement is right for you and your relationship.  It is not for every couple.  However, having a prenup or the conversations leading to a prenup, will bring clarity to your relationship and bring you closer together.  It is an opportunity to look ahead to the rich and wonderful life you will create together.

What is a prenup?  It is a private agreement between two people planning to get married.  It memorializes how the couple contemplates how money and property will be divided in the event of death or divorce.  It can also include lifestyle and nonfinancial matters as well.

For couples who have assets, children from a prior relationship or who have been previously married, a prenup may save the upcoming marriage.  So, by discussing the tough questions now, though it may be difficult and “unromantic” will save pain and money later and will likely strengthen your relationship and not diminish it.

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