Even the Wall Street Journal Agrees with Me!


So my headline got your attention, right?  Here is what I mean, the Wall Street Journal published a recent article entitled “Divorcé’s Guide to Marriage: Study Reveals Five Common Themes Underlie Most Divorces.”  (Here is a link to the article.) Essentially, the article outlines 5 mistakes that people make in their relationships and that the best people to learn from for a successful marriage are from those who learned the hard way – divorcés.  So, I guess I should say that I agree with the Wall Street Journal, that they got it right.

Divorced people can teach others the ways to be successful in marriage and mistakes to avoid.  I, too, am divorced and I now use what I have learned from my failed marriage and my expertise as an family and divorce attorney to help others have better relationships and successful marriages. 

I do that through educating my clients about prenuptial agreements and divorce issues.  We talk about the New York statutes, applicable case law and many “what if” scenarios. 

If you or someone you know in your world is newly engaged or is planning their wedding, and you would like to learn how you can put your marriage on the success track, give us a call.  The Firm is offering free 30 minute phone consultations through the end of August to talk about the mistakes that even smart people make when they are in love and how they can address them now.  Give the office a call at 646-472-7971. 

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