Deciding on a Prenup is a Tough Decision, Even for a Prince

Deciding whether to have a prenup is a tough decision even for a prince. However, it is probably a good idea regardless of whether you have accumulated wealth right now or not. You are probably going to accumulate lots of wealth during your marriage. Having a prenup is kind of like having insurance or a Last Will and Testament – it will save you a lot of time, expense and grief later. Just like estate planning or car insurance, this is one form of “insurance” that is worth the time and expense now.  Read this article to see the dilemma that the princess-to-be is considering.

Read this interesting article:​ebrities/ci_17774914?nclick_ch​eck=1

Royal finances: Will Kate be signing a prenup? – San Jose Mercury News

LONDON—British divorce lawyers have words of warning for Prince William: Not all fairy tales have happy endings.

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