When It Comes To Same-Sex Couples, Experts and I Agree: Get A Prenup!

Gay CoupleSame-sex couples are just now learning the whole process of getting married, and one thing they should consider, just as traditional couples, is getting a prenuptial agreement.

Prenups are not just about protecting your assets that you acquire during marriage and may divide should you divorce. They also give you both a chance to review what you are bringing into a marriage. Many same-sex couples have been in long-term relationships for many years and are just now getting to legally share their lives. As such, the assets they acquired together during those relationships may have a history of 10, 15 years or even longer. By getting a prenup, it will give these soon-to-be-wed couples a chance to evaluate and clearly define their roles and legal ownership of those assets before they legally entwine their lives through matrimony. It is also a tool for financial planning somewhat similar to a Last Will and Testament which distributes wealth after death.

Given some of the longer-term relationships of same-sex couples prior to marriage this makes getting a prenup an essential consideration.

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