Are Prenups Unromantic or Just Practical?

This is a popular question from a lot of young people who are not yet married. Because they are idealistic they hope their marriage and married life is going to be like a fairy tale or Hollywood movie. They dream it will be perfect and cannot imagine any conflicts or complications down the road that would ever ruin their marriage. But the reality is that over 50% of marriages end in divorce.

From someone who has been through it and down that road before, I strongly believe there are certain conversations that should be had with your significant other prior to marriage. Then you are more likely to have the type of relationship that stands the test of time and a marriage that survives.  One that is everlasting. But it is really important to have those conversations ahead of time before you tie the knot. It sets the stage for the future, for your arguments, for how you’re going to handle your finances, etc.

For example, I represented a woman who was marrying a man that made five times the salary that he made. They discussed wanting children, but they did not discuss what will happen when their baby comes into the world. She thought she would stay home to raise the children. He thought she would go back to work right away. He did not see a value for her to be at home because he measured value in terms of dollars and cents.

The questions about a prenuptial agreement lead to a series of conversations and negotiations between the two. This lead to an agreement where she would stay at home for the kids until they reached age five.  Then he would still get what he wanted when she returned to work and they both had incomes. With the prenup these two adults took responsibility and they created a plan that would work for both of them and therefore they avoided a lot of problems with their marriage in the long run.

Because couples are still two different people with their own respective dreams, hopes, and aspirations for the future, combining them together is not as easy as people think it is. From someone who has been through it, there are conversations that a prenup can help set the stage for beyond family life.  They are not only practical given the rate of success in marriage, they can also actually improve the rate of success in marriage.

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